Tungsten billets
Tungsten billets
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Tungsten Dart Billets

Tungsten dart billets are the rods used for making dart barrels.Today's standard material for barrel is tungsten heavy alloy, and barrel forms the main part of a dart (mainly used in sports).

Tungsten has a specific gravity of 19.3(20 ℃ ), so it is a very dense material. For its special properties, nowadays tungsten is widely applied to make darts replacing brass. Because of technical difficulties with manufacturing, a 100% tungsten dart is not available. All "tungsten" darts you can buy are in fact made of tungsten heavy alloy.

Tungsten dart billets are actually tungsten cylinder rods after surface grinding by center-less processing, and their weights are varied from different tungsten contents and rod sizes.

We could supply tungsten dart billets by various sizes and contents, popularly 70~90% tungsten dart billets are used for making both soft-tip and steel tip tungsten barrels, ranging from 14~18 gram and 18~40 gram respectively, and sometimes, 65% and 95~97% tungsten are offered following customers’ specific request.

Tungsten dart billets tungsten dart billet


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